Lent 5A


Lent 5A

Please find below a mixture of my personal resources and those of friends and commercial resources I have access to. They will appear as they come available leading up to the Sunday specified.

We want to be inclusive, regardless, especially, of ability an individual to acces them. Please feel free to pass these on to a friend you care for as you feel appropriate

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  1. That was very good Jim. Now that we have established you are producing your services in U-tube not print outs there may be others who want to receive them. Perhaps some traditional Methodist hymns would be good to include for our oldies (I didn’t know “The Bread of Life”).
    Shalom Liz

    1. Thank you Liz for your support. Early days yet, and it is a very different way of doing church.
      I do intend producing a Palm Sunday service, both in printouts and on the web.
      You (and everyone) is welcome to, and infact invited to share the printout either as a link or directly.

      1. Have just realised that I am not reading your website properly, that in fact there is a printout of your service as well as the U-tube service on there. Also, each time I get back on here the service starts again! How do i turn it off?
        The length of service is about right i think, since there is only one person leading it. Central are trying live streaming but the link keeps freezing or is distorted so there are problems doing it that way.

  2. Thank you Jim. I would really like to be able print the services as a word document, just so I could re read certain bits.
    You are being very generous so I understand if that is not possible.

  3. Fantastic Jim, as always. Cressy church community appreciates what you are doing. Enjoyed the hymns knew the last one. Many thanks.

  4. Thanks Jim, Liz sent me the link. I did enjoy that. Not so much the more modern hymns but certainly the last one. It was about the right length too. To get really picky, the shirt ‘flared’ when you moved and as I spent a fair bit of the time looking at you, as is normal in a service, maybe see what colour would work better. It was a bit of a distraction. For a few weeks down the track. Otherwise keep it up, going well.

    1. Thanks for the support. The shirt …. well … home church I suppose.
      I did notice the hymns are a bit modern, but small number of resources here and need to be careful I have paid for streaming rights.
      Working on Palm Sunday next.

  5. Took print out to 3 people without computer, letter box delivery much appreciated and responded to. Thanks for a wonderful effort never know where the ripples will go.

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