Pentecost 14A

Father’s Day – MAF Fuel for Father’s Day


Please find below a mixture of my personal resources and those of friends and commercial resources I have access to. They will appear as they come available leading up to this Sunday.

We want to be inclusive, regardless especially, of the ability of an individual to access these resources. Please feel free to pass them on to a friend you care for as you feel appropriate

Links to Pentecost 14A resources

This week we celebrate Father’s Day and feature the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship It has been our Church’s mission each year to promote their Fuel for Father’s Day drive. Have a look!!

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is a Christian organisation that provides aviation services for people living in remote areas around the world.

For 75 years, MAF has been serving isolated people by using aircraft to bring in the essentials of life as well as medical care, emergency food, and Christian hope.

Their purpose is to deliver practical and spiritual care to people in places of deepest human need. Every five minutes, a MAF plane takes off or lands somewhere in the world. These flights enable crucial work by many aid and development agencies, missions, local churches, and other national groups.

MAF is serving the Church and communities in remote areas where flying is not a luxury, but a lifeline.

Just a quick note: If you can’t hear the audio in the video hover your mouse over the bottom bar of the video frame and click on the speaker icon. Similarly, there are options there to make the video full screen.

Lumo-Gospel of Matthew 18:15–20
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  1. Thankyou Jim for the Fathers Day service, in every way enjoyable. Do hope the day was special to you. Blessings to you and Jaccy.
    Anna Baulch

    1. Thank you Anna
      Yes had a lovely day today surrounded by virtual family and friends.
      Hope your day was as good.

      God bless

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