Pentecost 12A

Chaplaincy Sunday 2020


Please find below a mixture of my personal resources and those of friends and commercial resources I have access to. They will appear as they come available leading up to this Sunday.

We want to be inclusive, regardless especially, of the ability of an individual to access them. Please feel free to pass these on to a friend you care for as you feel appropriate

Links to Pentecost 12A resources

This week we celebrate the work of Ballarat Regional Healthcare Chaplaincy, the healthcare chaplaincy ministry of the Uniting Church – Presbytery of Western Victoria. Further Chaplaincy Sunday 2020 resources are available here. This page will develop over the week as resources come available.

Pentecost 12A – Chaplaincy Sunday 2020

Just a quick note: If you can’t hear the audio in the video hover your mouse over the bottom bar of the video frame and click on the speaker icon. Similarly, there are options there to make the video full screen.

Lumo-Gospel of Matthew 15:(10-20) 21-28
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  1. Thankyou Jim and all who participated in the Chaplaincy Sunday service. I send my prayers to all in care. I had a great sing to the music you chose, so once again thankyou. Blessings to all, Anna.

  2. Thanks for your service and wonderful hymns Jim. Today would normally have been our combined Chaplaincy Service and roast luncheon at Skipton St, so thanks for the Skippy background. Also, well done Liz and our thoughts and prayers are with the Shearer-Cox family at this time.

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