Palm Sunday


Palm Sunday

Please find below a mixture of my personal resources and those of friends and commercial resources I have access to. They will appear as they come available leading up to the Sunday specified.

We want to be inclusive, regardless, especially, of ability an individual to acces them. Please feel free to pass these on to a friend you care for as you feel appropriate

Links to resources

Just a quick note: If you can’t hear the audio in the video hover your mouse over the bottom bar of the video frame and click on the speaker icom. Similarly there are options there to make the video full screen and to cast it to your tv using Chromecast.

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  1. Thanks Jim,
    I have shared this with others and printed out service for people I know without email. They are very grateful for this way to worship.
    Prayers for you to keep safe while you minister to others.

  2. Really appreciate the uplifting and reassuring message Jim. Thank you for all time and effort you are devoting to keeping us connected with a providing a positive outlook for each of us who are able to view these cyber services. Most appreciated we can assure you.
    However, we are not certain if the occasion break in the service caused by us not being able to download the content fast enough to provide continuity in the streaming is the result of our wireless connection to the NBN or it is because we are watching at the same time as others? we will test this later today in an effort to see if it is the latter.
    In the meantime, please keep up your good work. We know others are appreciating the contact it provides as do we.
    Barbie & Rob

    1. Hi Barb & Rob.
      I hope this finds you and those you ove and care for well.

      Yes I am afraid our internet world is getting a fair beating. The servers I use have ery high bandwidth, but locally, many are having difficuly, which is why I have put the service online, so you can download it any time, and many users have taken the opportunity of watch in the early am etc when bandwidth is not so cluttered. I hope you also found the reading material o the page.
      May God bless us all.


    1. Thank Louise … hopefully catch you tonight For the Bible study.
      I hope this finds you and those you ove and care for well. May God bless us all.

  3. Thanks Jim.
    I watched this early Monday morning when internet was stronger.
    It was a very encouraging message and worship. I’ll share it with others.
    – Anne G of Colac

    1. Thank you so much Anne for your support. I hope this finds you and those you ove and care for well. May God bless us all.

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